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Talon Grips Review

Handgun grips have always been a popular accessory given their ability to impart personality to a relatively bland item. From ivory grips on a Colt SAA revolver, to a pair of custom cocobolo wood grips on a nice 1911. A well built gun is always a pleasure to behold, but an aesthetically pleasing gun can be even more so.

The market for custom grips has exploded given the rising interest in shooting sports seen in the last decade. Along with this wider range of possibilities comes a new school of applications to the civilian market. While you can still acquire custom grips whose intent is to simply 'dress up' your favorite BBQ gun, there is a large market segment now dedicated to performance. Today we'll be looking at one such product from Talon Grips designed specifically to keep your gun in your hand.

The author's G19, complete with Talon Grips.

I first started using Talon Grips a couple of years ago on a sub-compact carry gun. I had noticed that when my hands would sweat the polymer surface of the grip would become quite slippery. So I set out to find a method of negating this issue. I came across several suggestions, such as strategically placed strips of 'skateboard tape', or 'grip tape'. I do use strips of those on some guns but for this particular application I wanted something a little more specific and with total coverage. This lead me to Talon Grips.

Talon Grips offers adhesive, wrap-around grip sheets for a large array of handguns. One advantage to this approach is very low cost relative to alternatives. The adhesive part may be off-putting at first but they remove very easily if you desire and leave very little residue, if any at all. Talon offers two different types of grip. A 'rubber' texture which is exactly what it sounds like, and a 'granulate' texture which is essentially a rough-grit sandpaper texture.

Having carried a gun wrapped in each type of Talon grip for at least a year I feel that I have enough experience with them to speak to their differences. At first I preferred the rubberized texture because it is easier on the skin. Not the skin on your hands either. If you carry a concealed weapon inside your waistband it will inevitably rub on the skin of your abdomen, this can be unpleasant with a rough surface. This grip style was excellent! I noticed my firearm was easier to draw from a holster with the enhanced grip and follow-up shots were slightly faster due to enhanced recoil control thanks to the extra grip.

The author's M&P Shield, complete with Talon Grips.

Eventually I decided to give the granulate texture a try, and at first, I didn't like it. It is a little rough if you have softer hands and if your CC piece is rubbing on your abdomen, it can be uncomfortable. However, Talon provides some advice for softening these just a bit. All you need to do is use some 140-grit sandpaper and go over the grip lightly prior to applying the grips to the gun. Upon doing so they reach, what I think is, a perfect blend of grip and softness. With a good draw from the holster these grips make the gun feel truly like an extension of your arm. I cannot imagine losing my grip even if the gun were covered in oil.

Talon grips get a 5-star review from me for not only providing excellent utility but doing so at an outstanding price. This creates what I feel is the best value on the handgun grip market at the moment.

Pick up a pair and try them out, for less than 20 dollars you can't really go wrong.

Written By: Ryan Brotherton
An avid shooter and gear head, USPSA member, certified NRA handgun instructor and amateur gunsmith. He created to support the second amendment and establish a modern environment for firearms reviews and news.
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